Register of Beneficial Ownership for Certain Financial Vehicles

Reminder - Closing date for submissions to the Beneficial Ownership Register is December 25, 2020.

Welcome to the Register of Beneficial Ownership of Certain Financial Vehicles (‘the Register’) page.

The purpose of the Central Bank of Ireland’s (‘Central Bank’) Register is to ensure that information on the beneficial owners of Certain Financial Vehicles (‘CFV’) is held on a central register, pursuant to Article 30(3) of 4AMLD which requires that beneficial ownership of CFV are held in a central register in each member state . For the purposes of the Register, CFV include:

  • Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicles (ICAV)
  • Unit Trusts whereby Unit Trust means – (a) a Unit Trust scheme with the meaning of the Unit Trusts Act 1990 (No. 37 of 1990); or (b) an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (within the meaning of the UCITS Regulations), that is constituted of a unit trust (within the meaning of the UCITS Regulations) and authorised under those Regulations
  • Credit Unions

In accordance with the SI No. 233 of 2020, CFV will have until 25 December 2020 to submit this information to the Register.

CFV who are not yet authorised will have six months from the date of their authorisation to file their beneficial ownership information with the Central Bank.

It is the responsibility of the relevant entities to ensure that the beneficial ownership information remains complete and up to date.

It is intended to levy CFV in Q1 2021 in respect of 2020 costs of the register. Details of the levy process will be communicated to CFV when available.

The Register will then be made available to the public and certain listed bodies in accordance with the legislation in January 2021. The Central Bank will confirm when this access is available in due course.

There is a separate Central Register of corporate and other legal entities maintained on the Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies register. Full information is available on its website at

If you are having issues uploading the form or have any queries in relation to the Register, please contact us at