Insurance Corporations Statistics – Q4 2018

Publication date: 14 March 2019

Key Points:

  • Total Assets of Insurance Corporations (ICs) fell by €12 billion (4 per cent) over the quarter, to stand at €305 billion at end-December 2018.
  • The majority (75 per cent) of the fall in ICs assets over the quarter was driven by a reduction in the holdings of investment fund shares by Life Insurance companies.
  • The breakdown of investment fund types held by Irish ICs remained largely unchanged over the quarter.
  • Insurance Technical Reserves (ITRs) fell by 5 per cent Q-on-Q, due primarily to a decrease in Life unit-linked ITRs of €13 billion.

Chart 1: Asset Composition of Irish Insurance Corporations, Q4 2018*

asset composition of irish insurance corporations

*This chart provides a hierarchical view (depicted by the relative size of the rectangle) of the total asset composition of Irish ICs.

Chart 2: Investment fund allocation of Irish insurance corporations, 2016 to 2018

investment fund allocation of irish insurance corporations

Chart 3: Developments in insurance technical reserves (ITRs)

life and non life insurance technical reserves and unit linked itrs as percentage total of itrs

This statistical release references outstanding amounts for assets and liabilities of insurance corporations resident in Ireland.

Related Data Sets

The below Insurance Corporation Statistics tables are also available in CSV format here.

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