National Claims Information Database

The establishment of the National Claims Information Database (NCID) was one of the recommendations made by the Cost of Insurance Working Group (CIWG), which was established by the Minister for Finance in 2016. The purpose of the CIWG is to examine the factors contributing to the costs of insurance and to identify measures to reduce this cost, taking account of the requirement to maintain a financially stable insurance sector.

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The NCID is a repository for aggregate claims data. The purpose of the NCID is to increase transparency around the cost of claims. Aggregate data is collected from insurers, including premium, policy and claims data. This allows the Central Bank to publish an annual report containing analysis of the cost of claims, the cost of premiums, how claims are settled, how settlement costs vary depending on how claims are settled, and an analysis of the various types of cost that make up settlements. Private motor insurance was selected to be the initial class of insurance in scope of the NCID.

The first report is now available and will enable in-depth analysis and support data-driven policymaking within the market.

Private Motor Insurance Report 1 - National Claims Information Database | pdf 1561 KB Annex 1 - Settlement Channels 2015 to 2018 | xls 19 KB Annex 2 - Private Motor Insurance Report 1 Data | xls 68 KB

NCID status

Data will initially be collected for private motor insurance only. The Central Bank started collecting this data in Q2 2019 and the first report on private motor insurance is due to be published on 16 December 2019. A private motor report will consequently be published on an annual basis.

National Claims Information Database - Submission Template | xls 50 KB

The CIWG also recommended that the Central Bank produce a study on the merits and feasibility of including Employers’ Liability and Public Liability data in the NCID, which can be seen below.

NCID EL PL Feasibilty Study | pdf 502 KB

Read the Cost of Insurance Working Group: Report on the Cost of Employer and Public Liability Insurance (January 2018)

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The Central Bank is required to collect ,validate, analyse and publish data from insurance undertakings on the income generated by, and costs associated with, non-life insurance business under the Central Bank (National Claims Information Database) Act 2018.

Under Section 7 of the Act, the Central Bank must make regulations defining non-life insurance risks based in the State and specifying relevant classes of non-life insurance for the purposes of the Act.

Following consultation with the Minister for Finance in H1 2019, the Central Bank has made regulations defining what constitutes an insurance risk in the State, and specifying that private motor insurance will be the initial type of insurance in scope of the NCID.

Read the Central Bank (National Claims Information Database) Act 2018.

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